William Braemer’s artwork is the result of an amazing life experience and a personality that hungers for rich, character-defining adventures. As a young man, William was educated in New York and upon graduation, apprenticed in Europe during the 1980’s. While living in Florence, Italy, he was inspired by the city’s rich artistic history and its deep-rooted culture. It was this moment in time of William’s life which inspired him to pursue his passion for art; thus, beginning a life-long journey steeped in a love for self-expression. William’s art can be defined as abstract expressionist, notably accentuated with valiant colours, rich strokes and provocative themes. From the Caribbean enhanced abstract paintings inspired by his Cuban heritage, to the ornately crafted sculptures, William’s artwork appeals to a wide cross-section of collectors. In Braemer’s hands, classical sculptures are given a new skin made of coins and other unorthodox materials, thereby depriving them of sacredness, with irony, typical of postmodern art. Of his work, Braemer states, “my intense passion and extreme love of life is the foundation of my creativity. Elation, contentment and ultimate satisfaction are the feelings I experience when reaching the completion of one of my pieces, thus granting me the drive and ambition to begin creating a new body of work. I like to define my artistic style as abstract in nature coupled with an expressionist quality. My interpretation of a subject matter is transformed into rich, vibrant bold colours – timeless, awakening the soul, uplifting and radiant. My use of colour evokes many moods; each piece I create is a moment in my life and therefore reflects that period of time – my art is my eyes looking into my soul.”