Born in Florida, Veronica Stewart is a contemporary painter, writer and designer. As a child, she excelled in drawing and painting in school and local contests. She began painting seriously after high school when she was living alone for the first time away from her family. After completing a painting of her brother’s favourite musician as a Christmas present, she was flooded with requests and encouragement to do other pieces. She has completed countless landscapes, portraits, album covers and animal paintings in a variety of styles. Veronica also designs bathing suits and like her paintings, they strongly reflect her equestrian background with bold metallic accents and classic American materials. She reinterprets the American traditional figurative painting in a post-modern way by making use of simplified lines and acid and psychedelic colours, along the lines of Keith Haring and Basquiat. She is inspired by music, poetry and literature and often uses the female or equine figure at the heart of her work. Veronica Stewart has an online gallery and her designs can be seen on She has been featured in the Glass Gallery Retrospect and Renoartio.  About her art, she says “each piece is launched by an idea or emotion that I work tirelessly on until the vision is completed. Celestial beauty, seduction and unabashed raw emotion are layered in my colours and subjects. I was raised breeding and showing horses and exotic animals and capturing their nobility and power on canvas with bold vibrant colours is a natural expression of my family ties and love for all animals. While I’m painting, I am seduced by my subjects with a tunnel vision that is unbreakable, causing time to stand still. Once I decided to make art my life’s work, everything fell into place. Art is a labour of love for me and involves complete focus, attention to detail, and nuance that requires energy and complex thought.”